Hacer frito de cordero
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Making frito de cordero

Making frito de cordero known in Mallorca as frit de Pasqua or frit de freixura is a tradition in Mallorcan families. The dish traditionally eaten on Easter Day.

This dish can be found at any time of the year in the traditional restaurants of the island of Mallorca.


Origin of frito de cordero

It is believed that it has a Sephardic origin, since it presents similarities with the Jewish-Saardi and Arab cuisine.

It is cited in old recipe books as a medieval cookbook from the 14th century, the Llibre de Sent Soví.


What is it?

This is a dish traditionally made from the fried offal and cooked blood of the lamb, with potatoes, young beans, onions and fennel, and is usually seasoned with salt, pepper and chilli.



How to make frito de cordero – recipe



Lambs viscera (sold at the butcher’s)

Cooked lamb’s blood (sold at the butcher’s) 200g

Spring onions 2 bunches

Medium sized potatoes 4

1 head of garlic

3 seedless chillies

6 artichokes

Baby beans 200g

Sweet peas 200g

Cauliflower 200g

Fennel shoots

3 laurel leaves

Olive oil, salt and black pepper

1 brandy glass (optional)




We strat by frying the potatoes.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes or strips and fry them with some crushed garlic in a frying pan. Leave them undercooked, and let them rest, drained, in a clay pot.

Making frito de cordero
fried potatoes

We move on to the viscera and the blood

If it wasn’t cut off at the butcher’s, cut the viscera into small pieces. Shred the cooked blood. Season the mixture of both with the pepper, salt and chilli and fry it in the same oil in which you have fried the potatoes.

Making frito de cordero
frying viscera and lamb’s blood

When it is done, add the fennel shoots, cut very thinly, and the laurel leaves, and let it fry a little more.

Making frito de cordero
add laurel leaves and fennel

Then pass it, drained, into the clay pot, with the potatoes.

Making frito de cordero
frito in process


We go on to process the vegetables

Remove the hardest parts of the artichokes and cut them into thin pieces.

Cut the cauliflower in small pieces.

On a low heat, in clean oil, fry a finely chopped onion, the spring onion cut very thinly until it begins to melt, and add the baby beans in small pieces.

Making frito de cordero
frying the Spring onions and the baby beans

Add the artichokes and the cauliflower.

Add the sweet peas.

Put the casserole on a low heat and add all the vegetables once they have been drained.

Stir and cook for 8 minutes.

Making frito de cordero
frit de mè

Before eating, put the fried food back on the stove for a few minutes.

This dish is served hot.


The video below shows in a more graphic way how to make frito de cordero or frito mallorquin:


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