Summer sound in Mallorca
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Summer music in Mallorca

It’s the middle of summer, and there’ s summer music being played in Mallorca. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach of Es Trenc, if you’re taking a walk on the Massanella, or if you’re trying to take a nap, if it’s hot you’ll hear the cicada singing all over the island.

It’s hard to see one, since they’re very well camouflaged. Because of their size, because of their colors, and because when they feel in danger they remain immobile, they go unnoticed. That’s why I’m leaving this picture here. It’s a little like the cicada from the tale of the cicada and the ant, isn’t it?

Summer music, the origin of its sound

Popular belief is that they move their wings very fast to dissipate heat and lower their body temperature, which is easy to imagine, especially when we ourselves get so hot. But that’s just a theory already disproved.

The male cicada produces a sound called “stridulation” to attract females of its species. The strident sound creates it by vibrating your abdomen up to 600 times per second.

When you come to Mallorca in summer you will hear her singing, a summer music that we Mallorcans associate with summer holidays.


And since you are in Mallorca during the summer, try one of the most typical family reunions on the island. Follow the link to learn about this Mediterranean delicacy: La coca mallorquina

La coca mallorquina



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