Coca mallorquina de trampó
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Mallorcan “coca” with trampó

The Mallorcan “coca de trampó” is one of the easiest recipes to make.

Recipe of the Mallorcan “coca” with trampó


It is very important that all the ingredients are of the highest quality, because it is directly reflected in the final result.

This “coca”, as I make it at home and for the measures I indicate in the recipe, will be a thin “coca” (in terms of mass) and measures approximately 40 x 30 cm (a medium size baking tray).


For the dough:

A measure of olive oil (100ml), the same measure of beer, and the loose flour (pastry) that you take until you get a homogeneous dough, without lumps, that you can easily work with your hands and don’t stick.


For the “trampó”:

Make a trampó with a couple of large, ripe tomatoes, a white pepper and a white onion. Cut into small pieces (less than 1 x 1 cm). Mix well and let stand with extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Mallorcan coca with trampó


Spread the dough with your hands on a baking tray previously smeared with olive oil. The dough must leave a higher rim to contain the trap.

Having preheated the oven to 170°C, bake the dough for 5 minutes (or until it starts to change color) and take it out immediately to sprinkle the paprika and then place the trampó on top of the dough. Then put it back in the oven.

placing the trampó

It takes about 45 minutes to bake, but from experience it is better to keep an eye on it, as each oven works differently, and the amount of trapping on the dough may need a longer or shorter baking time. It should be baked until the upper ends of the trap begin to burn, or until you notice that the vegetable is already cooked.

Once out of the oven, pour a little oil over the coca to make it juicier.

We have made a video that shows in a more graphic way the whole process. I hope you enjoy it:

The coca de trampó is a delicacy that I usually prepare all year round, although the best time to do it, because that’s when there are good tomatoes, is the summer. Another dish, and this is the best known, and at the same time easy to prepare, is pa amb oli. Follow the link to learn something about it: Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli


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