Category: Crafts and trades

Pared seca en Mallorca
Crafts and trades

Dry wall in Mallorca

To us Mallorcans it seems the most normal thing in the world, because we have seen it all our lives. But there is one thing that surprises many of those…

Antiguos oficios en Búger
Crafts and trades

Old Crafts in Búger

Today we are going to talk about two old crafts in Búger, already extinct in Mallorca, because almost everything is now produced in large factories and not by hand. Many…

Crafts and trades

Building with marés

Building with marés The extraction of material (for building with marés) has shaped the coast of Mallorca for centuries. If you have ever visited the southern coast of Mallorca, in…

Mestres d'aixa - ship's carpenters
Crafts and trades

Mestres d’aixa – ship’s carpenters

Imagine transport when we didn’t even have airplanes or steamboats. Even so, our islands, the Balearic Islands, being a key place in the Mediterranean, needed communications and transport. That’s why…

Summer calls for... ice cream
Crafts and trades

Summer calls for ice cream

My grandmother used to say when the heat came, summer calls for… ice cream. Put yourselves in situation… July in Mallorca, 36 ºC degrees of heat, difficult to stay without…

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