Month: September 2019

The mistery of the ensaimada

The mystery of the ensaimada

The mystery of the ensaimada made in Mallorca How many times have I heard confectioners and cooks speak of the mystery of the ensaimada! That the ensaimada when you make…

El pa amb oli

Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli, the most versatile meal on the Mallorcan table My grandmother was an excellent cook, and surely most of the women of her time were. Especially because they…

The pig slaughter in Mallorca
Traditions and customs

Pig slaughter in Mallorca

I remember that as a child, when winter arrived, we would go to my uncles’ house in Petra, to participate in the festa de matances which is the celebration of…

Receta de llampuga con pimientos

Recipe of llampuga with peppers

The recipe for the llampuga with peppers is really easy to make. You just need to have the llampuga, which is a season catch. September is the month of the…

Binissalem - Fiestas de la vendimia
Festivals and events

Binissalem – Grape harvest festival

July and August are over, holidays too. It’s time to go back to everyday reality, to work the older ones, to class the younger ones. But September is not as…

Ron Amazona, maneras de disfrutarlo

Ways to enjoy Ron Amazona

When I travel to other cities, other regions, other countries… apart from the typical monuments and “mandatory points to be seen”, I always enjoy if I can discover something else….

Tumbet - the summer meal

The tumbet – summer meal

The tumbet – summer meal par excellence in Mallorca, is made with vegetables such as eggplant, potato, pepper and tomato. The Mallorcans combine it with any food: meat, fish, eggs,…

Cómo conservar la sobrasada

How to store sobrasada

Here we will explain you how to store sobrasada so that it maintains its best properties.   Curing As sobrasada is a raw sausage, it needs to be “cured” in…

Binissalem is a land for wines
Places of interest

Binissalem is a land for wines.

If you are not very familiar with Mallorca, you may not know that among other things, the town of Binissalem is a land of wines. Backgrounds Throughout history, Mallorca has…

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