Month: March 2020

Contrabandistas en Mallorca

Smuggling in Mallorca

The Spanish Civil War (1936-39) was very hard and left our country in ruins. The post-war period was almost worse, because it coincided with the Second World War which was…

Cómo hacer crespells

How to make crespells

Crespells and robiols are the delight of children (and not so children) at Easter on Mallorca. Every year for a long time now, I have been helping to prepare, within…

Sobrasada Pied-noir
Traditions and customs

Sobrasada Pied-noir

Sobrasada Pied-noir is a word association that you may find curious. We will now tell you this interesting story. The cover image is the flag of the Pied-noir community.  …

Crafts and trades

Building with marés

Building with marés The extraction of material (for building with marés) has shaped the coast of Mallorca for centuries. If you have ever visited the southern coast of Mallorca, in…

Traditions and customs


The siurell is a baked clay object, very representative of Mallorcan tradition. Given its supposedly great antiquity, much has been theorized about its origin and possible uses.   Manufacturing process…

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