Month: July 2019

Dying of success in Mallorca

Dying of success in Mallorca

The phrase “Dying of success in Mallorca” may seem strange. Sometimes the promotion of a product is so successful that it is counterproductive.   Dying of success in Mallorca, the…

"Dignitat i Feina" - that's how it all started

“Dignitat i Feina” – that’s how it all started

“Dignitat i Feina” – that’s how it all started for this local association founded by Father Tomeu A challenge for Fr. Tomeu Father Tomeu celebrates the service in the Church…

Summer calls for... ice cream
Crafts and trades

Summer calls for ice cream

My grandmother used to say when the heat came, summer calls for… ice cream. Put yourselves in situation… July in Mallorca, 36 ºC degrees of heat, difficult to stay without…

I'm not a Martian

I’m not a Martian

Even if it seems otherwise, I’m not a Martian. I’m Mallorcan, very Mallorcan I am so Mallorcan that you will only find me in Mallorca, because I am a native…

The olive oil of our grand parents

The olive oil of our grandparents

The olive oil of our grandparents – memories of my childhood I remember when I was a kid, how I liked a “pa amb oli” with the strong-flavored olive oil…

Mallorca on two wheels

Mallorca on two wheels

The great variety of roads and the good climate of the island, have always invited to travel Mallorca on two wheels, on a motorcycle. But did you know that motorcycles…

Como conquistó Jaime I Mallorca

How Jaime I conquered Mallorca

Backgrounds In the 13th century, Mallorca was an ideal enclave for trade in the Mediterranean, but it was in the hands of the Muslims. It was also a refuge for…

From North Korea to Mallorca
Iconic characters

From North Korea to Mallorca

If the origin was any European country it would not be of interest this writing, but being from North Korea to Mallorca, it is not something common. However, in the…

Origen de los molinos de Mallorca
Places of interest

Origin of the mills of Mallorca

The origin of the mills of Mallorca. The first mills you will see when you arrive by plane to Mallorca are those of the Plà de Sant Jordi. They make…

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