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Escudos de pueblos de Mallorca
anecdotes History

Coats of arms of Mallorcan villages

We have always been used to seeing royal houses and old noble families having a coat of arms to represent them. But smaller countries, cities and towns also have their coat…

Condesas y Duquesas de Mallorca
anecdotes History

Condesas and Duquesas of Mallorca

No, although it may seem like it, today we are not going to talk about noble titles and people from the Mallorcan aristocracy as real Condesas y Duquesas of Mallorca….

History Traditions and customs

Saint Sebastian, patron saint of Palma

You almost certainly have a friend or acquaintance whose name is Sebastián. And it’s also quite possible that you know San Sebastián (Saint Sebastian) as one of the most beautiful…

anecdotes History

Mallorca and the seaplanes

Humans are restless by nature, which is why we like to move and innovate. Only 150 years ago we moved on foot or on horseback. Since then, we have not…

Mallorquines en Puerto Rico
anecdotes History

Mallorcans in Puerto Rico

Nowadays it seems to us that Mallorca is a rich place, and that its inhabitants have a high standard of living. But it was not always like that, and in…

Cristóbal Colón... ¿era mallorquín?
History Iconic characters

Christopher Columbus… was he Mallorcan?

It has always been said that it was Christopher Columbus who discovered America on 12 October 1492, although there are many indications that it was actually the Vikings who arrived…

La Mallorca romana

Roman Mallorca

More than 2000 years have passed since then. But that was the moment when Mallorca made the most important development breakthrough in its history. We are talking about the year…


The kings of Mallorca

Anyone who has travelled a bit will remember Mallorca. Yes, yes, that island in the Mediterranean with beautiful beaches and where you can spend a good holiday. But history has…

Conquista musulmana de Mallorca

Muslim conquest of Mallorca

Do the words Sulyar, Muruh or Manaqur mean anything to you? You may find these names a bit strange but they vaguely sound like something. And you are not wrong,…

Los talayots
Heritage History

The talayots

Do you remember the adventures of Asterix, and his sidekick Obelix, the chubby, strong man with a Menhir (megalith) on his back? Well, these two comic book characters were not…

Conquista romana de Mallorca

Roman conquest of Mallorca

All of us who live in Palma are familiar with the name Cecilio Metelo, although it may not give us the best of sensations. Because that is the name of…

tren de Sóller
Heritage History

Sóller train

It is the middle of summer, the best time to enjoy life. Holidays, trips, the beach, dinners, meetings with friends, love… And in Mallorca, if possible, you can enjoy it…

Catedral de Palma
Heritage History Places of interest

Cathedral of Palma

If you arrive in Palma from the airport you will surely be amazed by our fantastic Paseo Marítimo, with its palm trees, its pleasure boats and a magnificent view of…

Bandoleros en Mallorca

Bandits in Mallorca

Bandit! This word sounds like a movie from the American West, but surely at one time it was pronounced many times on our island. Today we will talk to you…

Los franceses de Cabrera

The French of Cabrera

More or less we all locate Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or even Formentera. But perhaps not so much Cabrera, because although it is another island in the Balearics, it is so…

La Lonja de Palma
Heritage History

La Lonja de Palma

One of the most spectacular historical buildings in Mallorca is the Lonja de Palma, which together with Bellver Castle and the Cathedral, constitute the architectural jewels of the capital. La…

Hondero balear

The Balearic slinger

When I was a teenager and lived in Palma, I really liked going to Honderos Street. It wasn’t such a nice street, but it was the area of town where…

Vikings in Mallorca

The Vikings in Mallorca

When we talk about Vikings we always relate it to the north of Europe, but it is hardly thought that there have been Vikings in Mallorca. I remember that when I…

Pirate movies

Pirate movies

The pirates I remember that when I was a kid my favorite were pirate movies, and one of the things that fascinated me the most was the captain’s glass cabin,…

The Mallorcan of Valencia

The Mallorcans of Valencia

The Mallorcans of Valencia are descendants of the population that was moved there in the seventeenth century, depopulated after the expulsion of the Moriscos. Expulsion of the Moriscos The year…

Como conquistó Jaime I Mallorca

How Jaime I conquered Mallorca

Backgrounds In the 13th century, Mallorca was an ideal enclave for trade in the Mediterranean, but it was in the hands of the Muslims. It was also a refuge for…

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