Month: April 2020

Alaró the pioneer
Places of interest

Alaró the pioneer

In recent years the term electrification has been widely used, especially when talking about cars and reducing their polluting emissions. But the real electrification happened much earlier. Alaró was, in…

huevos rotos con sobrasada

Broken eggs with sobrasada

Broken eggs with sobrasada are a dish that is as easy to prepare as it is tasty. Personally I prefer to fry everything with olive oil, and if possible extra…

Places of interest


Most people who come to Mallorca for the first time, only have in mind an image of what is typical of an island: coast, sea, sun and beaches … but…

Origen del Porc Negre

Origin of Porc Negre

Anyone who comes to Mallorca and enters the inland villages will surely be struck by the rural landscape. And especially those black pigs that are raised and cared for on…

Hacer frito de cordero

Making frito de cordero

Making frito de cordero known in Mallorca as frit de Pasqua or frit de freixura is a tradition in Mallorcan families. The dish traditionally eaten on Easter Day. This dish…


How to make Mallorcan empanadas

This blog is devoted to making known peculiar aspects of our culture. On this occasion I will explain how to make Mallorcan empanadas, or as they are called here “panades”….

Cómo hacer robiols

How to make robiols

When I was a child, Holy Week was highly anticipated, because it meant a few days of not having to go to school and being able to enjoy being at…

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