Month: June 2020

Antiguos oficios en Búger
Crafts and trades

Old Crafts in Búger

Today we are going to talk about two old crafts in Búger, already extinct in Mallorca, because almost everything is now produced in large factories and not by hand. Many…

Un mallorquín en California
Iconic characters

A Mallorcan in California

Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Hollywood… all these names are evocative, because they place us in California. And thanks to the cinema we imagine it as a place with a very…

Los franceses de Cabrera

The French of Cabrera

More or less we all locate Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or even Formentera. But perhaps not so much Cabrera, because although it is another island in the Balearics, it is so…

Coca de albaricoque

Apricot cake

Apricot cake with sobrassada is a traditional Mallorcan dessert. A very fluffy, sweet cake. The combination of flavours when adding sobrassada may surprise some, but it must be tasted to…

Cómo hacer cocarrois

How to make cocarrois

Ever since I started describing Mallorcan recipes this post has been on the to-do list and every now and then someone has been reminding me that I had to do…

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