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Archiduque Luís Salvador de Austria
Iconic characters

Archduke Luis Salvador

Palma de Mallorca is a medium-sized city with about 450,000 inhabitants. Obviously it has many streets, some named after regions of Spain, or rivers, or different personalities. And among these…

Un mallorquín en California
Iconic characters

A Mallorcan in California

Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Hollywood… all these names are evocative, because they place us in California. And thanks to the cinema we imagine it as a place with a very…

Errol Flynn en Mallorca
Iconic characters

Errol Flynn in Mallorca

The cover photo shows Errol Flynn in Mallorca, aboard his yacht Zaca in the bay of Palma. He is accompanied by his wife, Patricia Wymore, and in the background you…

Joan Miro
Iconic characters

Joan Miró and Mallorca

“Island of calm”… with that name is also known to Mallorca, and surely that is what our island transmitted to Joan Miró, tranquility and much peace. This famous painter was…

From North Korea to Mallorca
Iconic characters

From North Korea to Mallorca

If the origin was any European country it would not be of interest this writing, but being from North Korea to Mallorca, it is not something common. However, in the…

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