Tag: Sobrasada

huevos rotos con sobrasada

Broken eggs with sobrasada

Broken eggs with sobrasada are a dish that is as easy to prepare as it is tasty. Personally I prefer to fry everything with olive oil, and if possible extra…

Origen del Porc Negre

Origin of Porc Negre

Anyone who comes to Mallorca and enters the inland villages will surely be struck by the rural landscape. And especially those black pigs that are raised and cared for on…

Sobrasada Pied-noir
Traditions and customs

Sobrasada Pied-noir

Sobrasada Pied-noir is a word association that you may find curious. We will now tell you this interesting story. The cover image is the flag of the Pied-noir community.  …

The pig slaughter in Mallorca
Traditions and customs

Pig slaughter in Mallorca

I remember that as a child, when winter arrived, we would go to my uncles’ house in Petra, to participate in the festa de matances which is the celebration of…

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