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Coca de albaricoque

Apricot cake

Apricot cake with sobrassada is a traditional Mallorcan dessert. A very fluffy, sweet cake. The combination of flavours when adding sobrassada may surprise some, but it must be tasted to…

Cómo hacer cocarrois

How to make cocarrois

Ever since I started describing Mallorcan recipes this post has been on the to-do list and every now and then someone has been reminding me that I had to do…


How to make Mallorcan empanadas

This blog is devoted to making known peculiar aspects of our culture. On this occasion I will explain how to make Mallorcan empanadas, or as they are called here “panades”….

The Mallorcan vegetable pie

Recipe of the Mallorcan vegetable pie

My mother’s recipe of the Mallorcan vegetable pie is laborious because it involves a variety of vegetables, but it’s simple to make. A main ingredient of this vegetable cake is…

El pa amb oli

Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli, the most versatile meal on the Mallorcan table My grandmother was an excellent cook, and surely most of the women of her time were. Especially because they…

Receta de llampuga con pimientos

Recipe of llampuga with peppers

The recipe for the llampuga with peppers is really easy to make. You just need to have the llampuga, which is a season catch. September is the month of the…

Coca mallorquina de pimientos

Mallorcan peppers coca

The Mallorcan coca with roasted red peppers is very tasty, but, it gives so much work that I used to wait for some relative to make it. However, since I…

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